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Lefkada is a Greek island in the Ionian region, connected to the mainland by a bridge.

West coast beaches like Porto Katsiki and Egremni feature sheer cliffs and turquoise waters. Porto Katsiki Beach is situated 35 km southwest of Lefkada Town, near Athani Village, at the bottom of a concave pale cliff. It is truly fascinating, surrounded by incredible hills which make it accessible only by 80 steep steps descending along the cliff. This is one of the most favorite beaches in Lefkada and is one of the island’s major attractions. It has a golden, sandy beach and crystal, clear blue waters.

The beach is accessible from a narrow road with hardly enough space to fit two cars side by side on its main part. During the summer period, driving along this road can be quite demanding. There are also the 80 steps to walk down and climb up again to get to the parking lot which is located on the main road. You can also reach Porto Katsiki Beach by taxi-boats from the villages of Nydri and Vassiliki.

Even though Nydri is only a village which keeps a lot of the village character, it is the busiest tourist destination on Lefkada island. It is possible to walk from one end of Nydri to the other in approximately 20 minutes. With Lefkada’s good connections to Preveza airport, Igoumenitsa Port, and Athens, as well as Ithaca and Kefalonia, Nydri is very easily accessible. A ferry boat ride from Nydri to Meganisi Island, Lefkada’s little neighbor, is very enjoyable.

Only 20 minutes of spectacular scenery, sailing right beside the legendary island of Skorpios, takes you to this pretty and uncrowded island. Skorpios Island, which used to be home for the famous Onassis family and now the property of the Ribolovlev family, and the private island Madouri, with its distinctive house, are in the Bay of Nydri. You can look – but don’t touch! You are allowed to sail around the two small islands, but you are not allowed to land.

Kathisma Beach, a glorious stretch of sand and fine pebbles on Lefkada’s west coast, ranks as the No. 1 beach amongst its visitors. It is located 15 km away from the capital city, Lefkada Town. It is not just the magical blue of the Ionian Sea or the great vibes from the beach bars and water sports. Or the flight of the paragliders who launch from the green mountains and arc overhead before settling on the beach. It is all of that together that make Kathisma Beach the place where wild beauty goes to get a cosmopolitan upgrade. You must experience it yourself!

Furthermore, Lefkada island is indicated as an ideal island for island hopping.

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