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Limnos Office

Lemnos is the eighth largest Greek island in the northeastern Aegean Sea and is located between Lesvos and Thasos. 

The island of Hephaestus has a rich ancient history of mythological Gods, Heroes and Legends that offers the visitors an experience that no one should miss. Many beautiful geographical phenomena reveal interesting rock formations from millions of years ago. Hot volcanic lava flooded out of the depths of the earth and froze to crystal as soon as it meets the sea waters. An earthly paradise waiting for you to discover, with one of our cars, the beaches with blue flags for Lemnos: Platy, Thanos, Evgatis – Zematas between Thanos – Kontias villages, Agios Ioannis at Kaspakas. Other popular beaches are Mikro Fanaraki and Megalo Fanaraki (Moudros, South of the island), Agios Ioannis (Kaspakas), Romeikos Gialos (Myrina), and Riha Nera (Myrina). Venturing North of the island you can visit the beaches in Panagia, Kotsinas, Atsiki and Gomati beach. If you’re a wave lover, then Keros has a wind surf and kite surf culture and also the camping accommodation.

The rare beauty with crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, a large coastline with a length of more than 310km , lakes (including a salt lake), stone-built villages, bird life and the resident deer, the Myrina town which stretches across two beautiful bays and in the centre is an imposing Kastro (castle) which sits on a large formation of volcanic rock, and more, make Lemnos a special place to be. Myrina is the capital and main port of Lemnos which charms visitors with the Venetian castle, the Neoclassical mansions, the Ottoman buildings and the narrow streets all within walking distance with a perfect view. Along the waterfront you will find plenty of restaurants and traditional taverns, banks, post office, market, bars and cafes and glamourous hotels to stay. Intense life dominates all year long and not only during the summer months, as the island has many permanent residents, who maintain the liveliness.

 The cosmopolitan island can cover every desire such as the Gastronomic interest. The local cuisine of Lemnos retains its tradition and offers to the visitors local wine,recipes and products.

Local specialties include Kalathaki Limnou local cheese that being famous, Melichloro cheese, Fava (Lathyrus clymenum), Paximadia, Tiganopites, Flomaria and Valanes ( type of pasta ),Limnio wine, Feloúdia and Katiméria dessert (tiganites, type of pancakes)

Start your day with enough energy to explore the island with your rental car. A slice of bread kneaded with hard Lemnos flour, the “mavragani”, spreaded with thyme honey or tahini.

Don’t miss to taste traditional Appetisers. Sea urchins, bubbles and of course octopus fished by the locals. Pickles, mainly eggplant and cucumber , as well as salted, sardines and kolios (chub mackerel) which are produced with passion in Lemnos and are present in the daily diet. Kavourmas, pork cooked in its fat with salt, has a special place in Limnos nutrient-rich diet.

The staff of Selecta Rent a Car will be happy to provide you with useful information about the attractions, the magical beaches, the secrets of the island and the routes you need to follow.