Patra Downtown


Explore the historical Patra with one of our rental cars, which is the third-largest city of Greece with history spanning for four millennia.

 It affords a port that serves ferry schedules to the Ionian islands and Italy for trade and communication all year around.

 It is famous for hosting the biggest Carnival festival in Greece with many events, satirical floats and costume parades, enjoye by hundreds of thousands of visitors.

In the city  you can walk in Agiou Nikolaou Street , the  famous pedestrian street with many shops, restaurants and cafés, mostly at the Square of King George I.

At the end of the road there are 192 steps awaiting to lead you to the Old City. A romantic stroll around its cobbled streets will reveal grand colorful neoclassical mansions, reminders of the city’s glorious past. Visiting Patra’s city there are many interesting sights to see, such as the Mediaeval Castle located in the Old City and has a beautiful panoramic view and The Roman Odeum, built in the second half of the 6th century A.D. on the ruins of the ancient Acropolis. Continue walking around the city’s square King George I, Olga or “Psila Alonia” (meaning high raisin plateau) admiring the city’s beautifully restored neoclassical buildings. Visit the city’s sights and museums: the Archaeological museum of Patra, the Folk Art Museum, or the Museum of History and Ethnology , the Saint Andrew Church, one of the biggest churches in the Balkans and the city’s protector, and “APOLLON” Municipal Theatre, one of the first opera houses in Europe.

Achaia Clauss is one of the oldest and most famous wineries in Greece. Founded by the German Gustav Clauss in 1861, the winery produces the best mavrodaphne in Greece, a sweet and strong wine. A part of its establishment is open to visitors, who can see their traditional equipment and the way to produce wine. Don’t miss Spinney, the pine-tree-covered hill, the so-called “Veranda” of Patras will certainly uplift your senses. Its specially formed paths and the shade offered by the tall trees make it an ideal place for you to enjoy leisurely running or walks.

The staff of Selecta Rent a Car will be happy to provide you with useful information about the attractions and the routes you need to follow.