Our Company

Our company operates in all popular destinations with stations at airports, city centers or ports, in more than 50 regions in Greece with high quality car services and a fleet of more than 3,000 cars.

Our Mission

We stand by our customers 24/7, offering solutions and services that exceed their expectations - "The right car at the right price and location".

Our Values

Our commitment to ethical behaviour is our primary asset. Integrity, simplicity, entrepreneurship and teamwork are our core values.

Our Vision

To become the most reliable car rental provider in the Greek market. Understanding customer needs and protecting our corporate partners. Our priority is customer satisfaction.

The Work Environment at Selecta

Selecta is a leading company in the rental sector, distinguished not only for its services but also for its excellent work environment. Selecta’s philosophy is based on the belief that a positive and supportive work environment is key to the success and development of both the employees and the company as a whole.

At Selecta, emphasis is placed on creating a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. Employees are encouraged to interact and cooperate with each other, promoting teamwork and the exchange of ideas. The company believes that through collaboration, every challenge can be overcome, and every goal can be achieved.

Selecta systematically invests in the training and professional development of its employees. Regular seminars and training programs aim to improve the skills and knowledge of the staff. Additionally, the company promotes internal talent development, providing opportunities for advancement and the assumption of new, more demanding roles.
Selecta understands the importance of work-life balance. With flexible working hours and telecommuting options, the company strives to adapt to the needs of its employees, ensuring that they can meet both their professional and personal obligations.
Innovation is in Selecta’s DNA. The company encourages its employees to think creatively and propose new ideas that can improve processes and services. Through a culture of continuous improvement, Selecta ensures that it remains at the forefront of the market, always offering top-notch solutions to its clients.
Finally, Selecta places great emphasis on corporate social responsibility. Employees participate in various volunteer activities and programs aimed at supporting the community and protecting the environment. This commitment enhances the sense of pride and gives meaning to their work, contributing to the creation of a united and dedicated workforce.

In summary, Selecta is a model company that invests in its people, creating a work environment that promotes well-being, development, and innovation.

With these values, Selecta continues to lead the rental sector, building relationships of trust with both its employees and its clients.