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Travel Agencies

Our company already successfully collaborates with travel agencies in many areas of Greece, offering specialized solutions and options that cater to your clients’ needs. With wide coverage throughout Greece, we are here to ensure that your clients enjoy a smooth and comfortable car rental experience every time they travel. With Selecta Rent a Car, car rental becomes easy and fast!
Selecta Rent a Car is a car rental company, founded in 2022 in Greece, and is a member of Evangelatos Group of Companies. In just a few years, we have managed to expand globally, focusing on three main areas: Travel, Mobility Services, and Hospitality.
With more than 50 stations in 25 popular destinations throughout Greece and a fleet exceeding 3,700 vehicles, we are here to meet your every need. From airports to city centers and ports, Selecta Rent a Car, is everywhere!
Selecta Rent a Car successfully collaborates with many travel agencies in Greece and Europe, ensuring the continuous provision of economical and efficient mobility solutions for customers booking through partner travel agencies.
We are always ready to create new, specialized proposals that meet your clients’ needs.
Through an advanced, user-friendly, and specialized B2B platform, we will support you in selecting the right vehicle for each of your clients, from a range of 40 vehicle categories. We offer pick-up and drop-off services at the client’s accommodation, at our station, at the port, or at the airport, making the rental process convenient and flexible.

Why Choose Selecta Rent a Car?

Selecta Rent A Car: Leading company in car rentals, committed to quality and customer service.

Goal: Create strong partnerships with travel agencies to provide comprehensive mobility solutions to their clients.

Service Quality: Selecta offers a wide range of modern vehicles, ensuring the comfort and safety of clients.

Flexibility: Ability to adapt our services to the needs of our partners, with special offersand packages.

Reliability: Collaboration with a reliable car rental provider that ensures maximum customer satisfaction.

Increased Revenue: Ability to offer additional services to their clients, increasing sales and profits.

Continuous Support: Immediate service and support from the Selecta team for any need or issue.

Holiday Packages: Combining car rental with accommodation and tour packages, offering a complete holiday experience.

Events and Conferences: Providing transportation solutions for conferences, corporate events, and weddings.

Long-Term Partnerships: Creating long-term partnerships with special terms and privileges.

Staff Training: Providing training and information to partners for promoting Selecta’s services.

Promotional Material: Offering printed and electronic materials for service promotion.

Personal Communication: Regular communication with the Selecta team for idea exchange and improving collaborations.

Successful Collaboration: The partnership between Selecta Rent A Car and travel agencies is beneficial for both sides, offering excellent services and enhancing the client experience.

We invite you to contact us to discover the best customized programs that will enhance your services and increase your company’s profitability. We look forward to meeting you and discussing new opportunities in person.
Let’s embark on a journey of success and prosperity together!
The Selecta Rent a Car Team.